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乐虎体育注册 held a forum on enterprise projects in Jilin region
乐虎体育注册 held a forum on technical innovation projects of enterprises in Jilin region
2021-01-12中泽集团 浏览(12)

On January 9, 乐虎体育 group held a symposium on technological renovation projects of enterprises in Jilin area in Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd, and nearly 50 leaders of the group and leaders of enterprises in Jilin area attended the meeting.
    Symposium, Jien Nickel Industry 60000 tons/year carbonyl nickel sulfate, Zhuochuang New Material carbonyl materials metal functional materials,Daheishan Molybdenum Industry 32000 tons/day jersey in selecting reconstruction, new building materials deep processing of molybdenum comprehensive utilization of 乐虎体育, Jilin Ferroalloy and the construction of special alloy relocation, Jilin Carbon overall relocation, and technical upgrading 6 introduces the construction of key projects.Chairman Yu Zeguo spoke highly of the progress of the project and made a deployment for the project.He pointed out that:The 60,000-ton nickel sulfate project should be combined with the time point when Jien  Nickel Industry will resume listing, focus on overall planning, reverse thinking and in-depth analysis, face up to the changes of raw materials and market, fully explore their own advantages, so as to make the enterprise grow steady and long-term.Although the volume of carbonyl metal functional materials project is small, it is full of vitality and has far-reaching influence on other enterprises. We will strive to realize the planned production capacity as soon as possible. Daheishan Molybdenum Industry actively promotes the renovation and expansion project of 32,000 tons per day, and at the same time, it should quickly promote the construction of the comprehensive utilization project of new building materials tailings. This project is a key project for the first time in China. After completion and operation, Daheishan Molybdenum Industry can further develop and expand.The deep-processing project of ferroalloy molybdenum is an extension of  Daheishan molybdenum Industry chain, which is of great significance to the overall listing of molybdenum industry. It should be steadily promoted to realize industrialization as soon as possible.Jilin Carbon overall relocation and technology upgrade project should be fully connected with the government, according to the original plan to advance, at the same time, we should seize the opportunity, timely adjust the strategy, to build a broader development space in the future.
    At the meeting, the enterprises in Jilin region of 乐虎体育注册 reported their key work in 2021, and the leaders of the group gave full affirmation to the operation and management work in 2020 after the mechanism and system transformation of each enterprise.
    Finally, Yu Zeguo made an important speech. Combining the current political and economic situation of the country and the development status of the Group's investment, merger and acquisition operation, he deeply analyzed the future development vision and path of all enterprises in Jilin region.Explicitly pointed out that the strategic thought of "development is the absolute principle", for each enterprise should abandon the old concept of thinking, bold innovation and breakthrough, We should give full play to our advantages in systems, mechanisms, resources and technologies, speed up the construction of investment projects, steadily improve our management level and sustainable development capacity, and form a development model with 乐虎体育 characteristics.On the key tasks for 2021, he stressed:First, enterprises should attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control, resolutely implement the requirements of the local government on epidemic prevention, put an end to paralysis, and spare no efforts in epidemic prevention and control and production and operation.Second, enterprises should keep a clear understanding, objectively analyze the destabilizing factors caused by inflation, make full preparations, formulate countermeasures, and constantly seek new development opportunities in the changing world.Third, all enterprises should organize activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party in light of their production and operation conditions. They should actively cooperate with government departments and social organizations to hold various and colorful activities for all members of the Party. They should celebrate the Party's birthday from the bottom of their heart rather than just going through the formalities.


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